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What & Why Carrier Oils?

What & Why Carrior Oils?

Plants metabolize sunlight, water, nutrients from the soil

        EO not the "life blood" 

        rather are the metabolites of the plant - 

              chemicals the plants make to protect itself or enhance itself


These chemicals are very powerful -

        Our body loves them, understands them 

             (speaks same computer program language)


EO effectiveness increases as the body reacts to it


CO slows down the reaction time

       great for "hot" oils - cinn, thyme, etc

       great for capturing the flash - up to 70%

       saves you money

       increases the effectiveness

       is soothing to the skin


 Our CO has not just one oil, but 4 therapeutic oils

        Shea Butter   "The skins best friend"

                All natural Vitamin A skin cream   

                superb moisturizer - has some of the same moisturizers the sebaceous glands make naturally

                exceptional healing properties - promotes and accelerates wound healing   

                High source of natural Vitamin E (can help with antiaging, increase microcirculation, reduces free-radical damage)


        Cocoa Butter           

               moisturizer - penetrates deep, (many stretch marks prod made from it) 

               great for dry, sensitive skin

               super high in fatty acids, food for the skin

               Hard, melts at skin temp

               You can eat it


        Apricot Kernel Oil            

               light oil - no oily residue, absorbs easily

               gently moisturizes

               GLA content (omega6) is great for maintaining moisture balance

               anti-inflammatory features

               great lubricant



               anti-bacterial - bacterial, fungus, parasites

               solid at room temp, melts at body temp

               helps body absorb other nutrients

               very light, quickly absorbed

               first choice when pick one - inexpensive, light-easily absorbed

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