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Fresh and Festive Holiday Gift Set

Fresh and Festive Holiday Gift Set


This gift set is for the natural product lovers in your life. Each box comes with our bestselling large probiotic deodorant with a small empty jar for travel, as well as two small moisture sticks - one for your travel kit and one for your home. Each product is made to bond instantly with any essential oil of your choice, making your oils safer and easier to use (goodbye slippery carrier oils!) We've also included a small applicator for the cream deodorant made out of natural bamboo wood.

Each kit contains:

- 1 Probiotic Deodorant Base (2 oz.)

- 1 to-go Probiotic Deodorant Jar (.5 oz.)

- 1 Bamboo Applicator

- 2 to-go Natural Moisture Sticks (.68 oz.)


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