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Our Story

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myBase™ is a company founded by a mother and her two daughters who have a passion for natural living and a desire to help others take charge of their own health.  

In 2012, our grandmother, Marilyn, was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer and given only two weeks to live. Refusing to give up, she and our grandfather moved in with our family and together we began a journey to fully experience a healthy and natural lifestyle. As we learned how to use essential oils, eat wisely, and live cleanly, we felt a greater sense of peace, hope, and power in an otherwise powerless situation.  We were able to see the stunning benefits of a healthy lifestyle and enjoy another fourteen months of precious time with our grandmother.  From it all, we gained a determination to share everything we had learned and done.  So we began myBase™.  

If you are wanting to take your health into your own hands, we hear you.

If you need trusted ingredients to turn to as you craft your cleansers, ointments, and remedies, we’re here for you.

If you want to empower others to know more about this beautiful earth and the healing and protection we can find in nature, we stand with you.

And here’s to you, Grandma.  We know you’re with us, too.


          With Love,


                     Sage Killian           Maridee Killian           Grady Deakin

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