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Scented Moisture Stick - LIMITED TIME

Scented Moisture Stick - LIMITED TIME

Open. Swipe. Done. 

Using essential oils safely has never been easier. We've taken our To-Go Moisture Stick and it's incredible soothing capabilities and infused it with pure essential oils. Perfect for quick, on-the-go use or sharing with loved ones that don't want the hassle of using the oil by itself. Plus, kids can use it safely with NO MESS!

Comes in either Peppermint or Lavender. LIMITED STOCK.

Each stick comes as pictured, alongside a quick-reference card of possible uses. Boxed and ready to give to those you love most.
Peppermint is known for its strong energy-booster, as well as soothing achy feet or stomaches. Lavender is the universal "relaxant" of essential oils. Use it to calm little ones before bed, or to release those pesky tension headaches. By using these oils in our moisture stick instead of by themselves, they are able to better bond with the skin and reduce the chance of an adverse reaction by soothing and moisturizing the skin the oil touches.
Safe for all skin types. .63 oz. 

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