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myBase makes an amazing deodorant.  It works well, lasts forever, doesn't break the bank, and leaves you the option of going scent-free or adding your favorite essential oil.  A million loves for this one!

Sammie, CA

Best essential oil accessories online.  I love knowing I can use my essential oils everyday without the hassle.  So simple!

Dave, UT

I want my body to smell the way "I” want it to smell.  That’s why I jumped at trying out the new probiotic deodorant base.  I noticed it had a 5 star rating and thought I’d give it a try.  Guess what, I LOVE IT!

Lynda, NH

I frequently use essential oils for massage and this moisturizing stick makes it so much easier! Just one swipe on the skin holds the drops of oil in place until I can rub it in.. This product is my go-to must-have. Love! Love! Love!

Francine, VA

I love the deodorant base! I am very active and do lots of hot yoga, and I don't smell!

Amber, TX

I love this product. Because it's a solid there is NO messy, greasiness when applying. It's easy enough for my 4 and 6 year old kids to use. I also LOVE the texture and feel of it.. I'm glad there is finally a SOLID carrier oil to use with my essential oils, and a great one at that. Love it!!!

Chloe, OH

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