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Our Story


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myBase Products is a startup built by women who care about health. What started as a grandmother, mother, and daughter creating recipes in their kitchen has become a team of health lovers passionate about creating simplicity in natural living. 

Empowered with three generations of holistic knowledge and a belief that everyone can build a clean lifestyle if given the right tools, these simple-seekers began carefully crafting non-toxic, easy-to-use products to infuse freedom in any personal care routine. Their eyes were opened to a whole new way of wellness that was effective, simple, and clean.

From pristine products to educational content, our intent is to provide insight and solutions for all individuals who are looking to gain clarity in their wellness journeys - wherever on that path they may be.



When it comes to ingredients, nature knows best. This is why we strive to make every product with the highest-quality ingredients that are pure and impactful. 

We work with master formulators, aromatherapists, and health coaches to consistently ensure that each product is safe and effective for all body types of all ages. 

Each product is formulated and handmade with care to provide individuals with a superior tool for their personal care routine.




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We believe that each body, just like each soul, is unique, complete with its own specific health needs or wants.

We want to support your ability to be you- which is why we created products that are bases for your personal needs.

Each product comes ready-to-mix with your favorite essential oils, helping you customize your products to be exactly what you need for your body to feel good. Not sure what oils to use? Take a look through our blogs for need-specific essential oil blends, or do the simple thing and contact us! Our essential oil experts are happy to help.