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5 Essential Oils and Uses For Beginners

1. Peppermint: This essential oil is known for being the "cooling" oil! Use for muscle tension by massaging onto skin where muscles feel sore. Also rub onto your forehead or temples for headaches, stress, and to calm and relieve the mind before a night's sleep. 

2. Lavender: Known for being the "calming" oil. Inhale deeply for reduced stress as well as rubbing on feet and toes of your little ones to help calm before bedtime! Such a lifesaver!

3. Lemon: Known as the "detox" oil. Can be used for sore throats and especially allergies! Just pour a couple drops into a glass of water throughout your day and just feel the difference! Plus, lemon water is super tasty! 

4. Melaleuca: Know to be the "first-aid" essential oil! Use on cuts and scraps, acne, and even cold sores! I can't tell you enough how much this oil has saved my life! I get cold sores so often, especially when my life seems to include more stress than normal. I apply some melaleuca to the cold sore all through out my day and it starts to shrink within the first day! 

5. Lemongrass: This oil is fantastic for everything going on in the tummy! Stomach aches, diarrhea, and, my personal favorite, menstrual cramping. 

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