A Day to be Thankful For: Episode VIII


Thanksgiving Day.  After the night she’d had, Geni didn’t really want to cook an entire meal.  Lex had left without saying a word once Geni walked through her front door, which was a bad sign for what this day would hold--Lex and the Newmans were coming over for Thanksgiving in a few hours.  Though Geni couldn’t blame Lex for being upset.  If she’d found out Lex had been in contact with her cheating, ex-fiance, Geni would probably be angry too.  

She swirled her hot chocolate around in her cup and stared out the sliding glass door into the backyard.  Snow had just begun to fall and a light dust of white covered the grass.  She’d been looking forward to the first snowfall, but on this day of mixed feelings of guilt and joy, the first snow wasn’t as exciting as she’d thought it would be.  Maybe she was wrong to forgive Danny for what he did.  But the anger she had toward him had been eating her up inside, and she needed it gone.  Now she felt terrible for agreeing to try at friendship with him again, knowing that it would hurt Lex when she found out.

But after hearing Danny’s side of what happened, Geni couldn’t bring herself to turn him away again.  The four of them had been tighter than mud in college, and she felt that she needed to give Danny another chance.  Geni was glad Lex had left as soon as she got home--she was not ready to have that conversation with Lex yet.  She hoped that Lex would forgive her for this decision someday.  

Jocelyn wandered into the kitchen still wearing her Hello Kitty pajamas and sat on the bar stool next to Geni. “You were gone forever last night.”

“I know, honey,” Geni pulled her oldest child into a sideways hug. “But there was a little boy who needed help last night, and I felt that I should do what I could for him.”

“Did you help him?”

“Yes, and now he’s safe with his mom and dad.”

“I’m glad he’s safe now.”

They quietly watched the snow fall, then Jocelyn said, “Is Lex mad at you?”

“Why do you ask, Jocey?”

“Well, after she hung up the phone with you last night, she was very angry.” Jocelyn wiped her nose on her sleeve so Geni handed her a napkin.  “I’ve never seen Lex mad like that before.  It was kinda scary.”

Geni closed her eyes.  She knew Lex had been upset last night, but so upset that the kids noticed--that wasn’t like Lex.  She must have been more angry than Geni thought

“I’m sorry it was scary, Jocelyn.  Lex was upset cause I was talking to Uncle Danny last night.”

“I thought we weren’t supposed to talk to Uncle Danny anymore.”

Oh, what to say.  Geni laid a hand on Jocelyn’s head and said, “Yeah, well, that used to be the rule, but I’m thinking that it might be nice to talk to him again.  What do you think, Jocelyn?”

“Good,” she smiled. “I miss Uncle Danny.”

Trevor asked as he walked into the kitchen, “Is Lex coming today with Link?”

Geni sighed. She didn’t really want Lex’s Australian Shepherd to come with her today, but she felt guilty for last night.

“Yep,” she said. “So are the Newmans.”

Jocelyn did a little dance in her seat. “I love Thanksgiving!”

“Ha ha!  Then you can help me make some stuffing for our feast today.  And Trevor can peel potatoes to make some mashed potatoes.”

“Ah, mom.” they said.

Geni laughed.  Maybe this Thanksgiving wouldn’t be so bad.


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