A Little More About the People Behind MyBase!

A Little More About the People Behind MyBase!

We are going to start having a post once a week that tells you more about us! For this week, we are going to share a little more about our CEO and a co-founder of MyBase, Sage Killian. 

Sage and her mother, Maridee, are a mother daughter duo who started their business of MyBase in 2013. After learning and experiencing first hand about the miracles and uses alternative medicine brought their family, they wanted to share what they had learned with others, thus MyBase was born.

Sage Killian is a twenty-two year old senior at Utah State University majoring in International Studies with an emphasis on peoples and nations (She studies cultures; where they came from, how they affect people and how they interact with each other.)  and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Her hobbies include reading, rock climbing, and running. She loves eating raspberries, spending time with her family and friends, and traveling. She really hates clowns, sharks, and wet and pruny fingers/toes. 

Why is she so interested in natural remedies? She answers that question by saying:

"I believe that so many people are looking for ways to have better lifestyles, and no one likes to be popping pills all the time.  Natural remedies aim to actually solve the problem as opposed to simply fight the side effects, and I want to be truly healthy.  Plus it’s better for the environment and I feel good about putting natural things into my body."

Thanks for tuning in and learning more about how CEO and co-founder, Sage Killian. 

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