Behind the Scenes of MyBase

Behind the Scenes of MyBase

This weeks' company spotlight is our Co-Founder, Educator, and the "Mother" in the
"Mother - Daughter Startup," Maridee Killian!

Maridee, the mother of seven children and grandmother to almost 7 , has always loved taking extra measures to make sure that her family was always receiving healthy and natural healthcare. She was always looking to new and different natural remedies that her and her family could experiment with. When she came across essential oils, she fell in love.

For fun their family likes to play card games, travel to Montana to visit family, and make competitions out of everything! A unique tradition this family holds is every Easter they do an egg roll where they decorate eggs and see who's can roll down a hill the fastest without breaking! 

Thanks for reading more about our lovely Maridee Killian!

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