Breathe In a Season of Gratitude

It’s getting colder now. Time to close the windows and doors.

Put things in their proper place until Spring again.

Time for gratitude. Time to slow down. Time to relax with friends.

Sit with your life.


So, before you start the “shoulda, coulda, woulda(s)”

Reflect on the “I did”, “I have”, “I can(s)!”

Practice gratitude. Be FULL of thanksgiving.

Halloween scared the monsters away, now bring in the good spirits.

Mindfully nurture them.

Our Slow Down and Be Grateful Blend can be diffused to support your gratitude practice-


Slow Down and Be Grateful Blend
Add this Essential Oil Diffusing Blend to your diffuser and sit in a comforting place
*1 Drop of ROSE Recieve & Send Unconditional Love
*1 Drop of JASMINE Appreciate the Moment/Open the Heart Center
*2 Drops of CARDAMOM Tap into Generosity for Self & Others
*1 Drop of CYPRESS Invite Personal Growth


Enjoy, and don’t forget to Breathe In!

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