Customer Review

Customer Review

This week's customer review is from Marti Veerkamp!

"Had some dental work done today and once the numbing stuff started to wear off, it was replaced with that sore, tender feeling in my jaw...

I use these two oils (White Fir and Lavender) on my baby when he's teething, so I reached for them when I had my own jaw discomfort. White Fir has an analgesic properties and is great for muscular pain and Lavender is for added soothing relief... 

I use this carrier stick from MyBase Products instead fractionated coconut oil just on spots where the FCO might drip off or be a little bit harder to manage. Anyway... after the first application, I only notice the acheyness when I open my mouth instead of it being constant. I'd say that's a win!"


Thanks so much, Marti Veerkamp for sharing your experience! We're so happy that you were able to use the simple and easy-to-use carrier oil stick!

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