Dry Skin? Your Shower Routine May Be to Blame.

Dry Skin? Your Shower Routine May Be to Blame.

It's mid-winter here in Northern Utah, which means the dry-skin itch has upped its game from uncomfortable to completely unbearable. Whether you live in dry or more humid climates, dry skin is a common condition most individuals will face at some point in their lifetime. No fears though, dry skin is often temporary and there are many at-home treatments to try, including changing your shower routine, a new favorite of clinical dermatologists. Follow these tips below and say goodbye to rough, dry skin this winter season:


1. Ditch the scalding shower temperatures

There's nothing like stepping into a hot shower after a long day, but those steamy temperatures can be quite detrimental if you have dry skin. Hot water strips your skin of it's natural oil barrier, which is what your skin uses to hold moisture in. Next time, swap the steam for a simply warm shower instead.


2. Be conscious of your product ingredients

We're big believers in this step! Whatever state your skin is in, most store-bought skin care products have ingredients like sulfates, alcohol, retinoids, and chemical fragrances that can exacerbate skin issues and do a number on your skin mantle (remember that oil barrier we talked about? The mantle plays a big part in that!) The most effective products to opt-into are those that are fragrance-free and made with natural ingredients (tip: like our products are!)



3. Keep it quick

Similar to our temp decrease, decreasing the time you're in the shower can be helpful for you skin as well. This allows for your skin to retain many of the healthy oils it's built up to keep you skin smooth. Bonus: it's good for the environment too! 


4. Less rub-a-dub in the tub

Just like our ingredients can be too harsh on our skin, our washcloths or body scrubbers can exacerbate the skin as well. Use a lighter touch if you're experiencing dry skin or flakiness, and when you towel off remember to pat instead of rub dry.


5. Moisturize immediately

Adding an extra layer of moisture right after toweling off allows your skin to keep the healthy oils it created before, as well as add onto it with the new skin food you're applying. If you can, opt for thicker creams or ointments as opposed to lotions as these tend to be more effective. Including jojoba oil, shea butter, or mineral oil in the ingredients is a big plus as well!


Next time you feel that dry skin itch, try switching up your shower routine and let us know in the comments below if it works for you!

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