How MyBase Was Created

I was working as a Holistic Health Coach in Pleasant Grove, Utah 2012.  I am 3x certified as a holistic health coach.  I also have my iridologist Certification (both through Laura Jacobs).  I had been using oils for 10+ years.  Decided to get my International Aromatherapist License through Robert Tisserand.  He is the worlds’ leading aromatherapy expert.


There are many benefits to aromatherapy.  

  1. It can be used by anyone, any age, any education level, any financial status
  2. Don’t need to pay anyone in order to use it (insurance, doctor)
  3. It is available at a moments notice
  4. Easy to cart around – comes in sm bottles
  5. Highly effective
  6. Most results are immediate
  7. It is a fast growing market, which equals easy assessibility
  8. Have many brand options
  9. Now is recognized by many mainstream professionals
  10. Lots of research on – Thre is over 5000 research articles on Lavender alone
  11. Inexpensive – especially compared to medical costs
  12. Easy to use
  13. Very very low toxicity reactions – (this is highly unusual)
  14. Very few contra-indications
  15. Great for pain
  16. Supports the body in the healing process (vs inhibits the bodys efforts or takes over for the body – as in pharmaceutical and surgery options)
  17. With dawn of the internet, finding solutions is quite easy
  18. The number of community and internet classes, forums, webinars, and now facebook live offers a quite comprehensive data base – for the beginner as well as the experienced.




Working with the oils I found that I loved them, they were convenient, etc (see above) yet the problem was the implementation of them into my lifestyle.  Plus getting other family members to use them was difficult.  Mainly because they “didn’t want to be bothered”.  Using essential oils is labor intensive, no doubt about it.  

There is the act of choosing – Which one do I use as well as when and how (delivery

system).  This is overcome by education, experience and hanging out with those doing it also



Then there is the laborious task of

  1. Finding your bottle of oil
  2. Taking the lids on and off
  3. Stopping your routine in
  4. The misguided complaints about always “smelling” like eo



I decided that the best way to overcome many of these issues is to make using eo super simple and putting them into my daily routine. I am a systems person.  Meaning, I like systems.  If it is a good system and I do it, then I usually get to where I am going.  When I set a system, I can operate on auto-pilot mode to accomplish it and not get bogged down in the emotions of it all.  This allows me to be more accessible to my family, friends, etc.  So, I wanted to provide “systems” for using eo.  Our first product was the solid carrier oil.  


Putting eo on NEAT (topically – on the skin without any dilution) while it is very fast and efficient, has its drawbacks.  Using a carrier oil has many advantages and if given an option, is a much wiser option.  But there are reasons CO were slow to be adapted into the routine of using eo.


Labor intensive – have to find the bottle plus more on/off with lids

Liquid – spills all over purse/diaper bag

Have messy hands afterward that need to wipe off with a separate rag

Other family members didn’t want to use it – inconvenient

Got all over clothes

If dropped, then mess on floor

Takes way more time – doubles the amount of time it takes to use an eo

Inevitably you use too much carrier oil and you have to deal with the mess of that  not touching anything else…… or anyone else!


In order to help with the process we

  1. Made it a solid – no spills, no mess, no dirty clothes/carpet
  2. Put it in an easy to grasp tube with an easy on/off lid
    1. Teens will use it
    2. 5 yr olds can use it
    3. Elderly can use it
  3. This made it highly convenient
  4. Puts just a little thin layer
  5. Doubles as a great moisturizer
  6. We use 4 therapeutic oils, not just one
  7. Now the “flash” is easily captures – acts as glue, to stick eo to your skin
  8. Saves you money
  9. Saves you from the “non-thinking error mode” of putting a “hot oil” on someone and causing a problem
  10. Prevents other eo sensitivities
  11. It feels good!
  12. Lasts a very long time
  13. It is good for the skin – “green”, mainly organic ingredients – is edible, non-toxic
  14. Oil loves oil


There was nothing else like it on the market.  I found that I had tapped into creating an original invention!  I had created something that was going to revolutionize the use of eo.  The impact is huge and just continually growing.  This product alone has opened the door to successful use of eo for many more people than any other product.  It is a god-send.  It is an act of true inspiration led results.  I am very proud of this product.


We now have a child version – also called our “to-go stick”.  This stick has over 1000 swipes in it.


We developed the probiotic deodorant at the same time.  My mother had been diagnosed with liver cancer and the information was just coming out on the value and importance of probiotics.  I took several classes from renowned gut and micro-biotica speciallists (Jack Tips and the summit in FL).  I had a very good idea of the value of probiotics and the immune system and its healing capacity as well as its balancing / regulating properties for the body.  So I knew I wanted to use probiotics in the deodorant.


After formulating our probiotic deodorant, I went to a local distributor that handled products for essential oil users.  I showed them our probiotic deodorant and ask them the big question….”If I asked you what I needed to do to make this a viable product for marketing, what would you tell me?”  The number one thing they said, was the label.  Get a good label.  So I did.  I hired a graphic artist, found a great labeling company and put it all together.


It all fell together quite quickly.  All this happened within 3 months.  I knew of a convention of essential oil users was coming up and I wanted to use that convention as my big launch.  


Even before that I had been praying for a way to help my daughters provide for themselves.  I come from an entrepreneur family and my husband had several companies.  Being a country girl (from MT) I was committed to raising my 6 children knowing the value of work.  My husband and I used one of his businesses as the means to do that.  They had to clean aviaries every month in order to get the money they needed for the fun things in life – activities, most of their clothes, etc     By this time my children were either adults (after 26) or nearing adulthood (late teens).  


I had specific criteria.  I wanted it to be a means of personal growth, be a way to give-back to the world (give service), not be a time/attention consuming project (they need to carry on with their life and relationships), and take care of them financially so that would not be a worry for them.


At the time I was not good at receiving inspiration.  I wanted to develop that sensitivity.  So in my prayers each night, I told God that I would do whatever he told me to do.  The trouble was, I couldn’t figure out what was Him and what was me.  So I refined the request to specify that He tell me the one thing I needed to do that day, first thing in the morning, just as I was waking up.  I would have no thoughts in my head and it would probably be the best time of day to get His request heard.  Then, I promised that in return I would do that 1 thing above all other demands in the day and I would check back on that one thing each night.   So now I had a system.  And I worked it.  In the beginning it was a lot of little things….visit this person, call this one, go for a walk, etc  But it didn’t take long for it to turn into lifechanging, emotional-changing small acts.  Many of the One things I did actually helped me to repent – to change my self-defeating behaviors, reverse the direction of relationships that were headed the wrong way.  Plus I want to believe that many of those small acts helped some of the ones that I served.


That said, I woke up one morning with the idea for the carrier stick and the probiotic deodorant.  I had no way to fund such a project, but at the time I couldn’t allow myself to worry about that as this was God at the helm and He was the one who needed to work that out.  And he did, one step at a time.  Everything fell into place….the funding ($5000 start up) the product formulations, the containers, labels and who to sell to.  In a few short months everything was set for our “launch”.  (Mind you, I wasn’t even sure how to do a launch – I was just following through on the tasks at hand.)


The convention was in September 2012.  We sold 400 of each product.  The next year we sold 3300.  Many were return customers and of course many new customers.  The return customers mean we have a good product.  The new customers mean we have a good business.  The probiotic deodorant is by far the favorite.  It is a very good product.  It…..     (blah, blah, blah)


The Solid Carrier Oil Stick sells like hotcakes…….once it is demonstrated!  At the time of origination, no one really liked or used CO except the truly die-hard eo users.  Now, thanks to Dr David Hill (for bring up the element of “the flash”) and Dr Eric Zelinsky (recently he has been stressing the need to always use a CO),  it is getting the notoriety it deserves.


Written by Maridee Killian MyBase Educator and Co-Owner

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