It's time to relax.  The holiday season has drawn to a close.  All the hustle-bustle is over. You no longer need to be thinking 20 thoughts at once.  Now there are fewer responsibilities. Everyone has gone home. There are no extra loved ones around that require your attention.  The time is now yours. You can take the necessary time to rethink your life - your loves, your joys and yes, your sorrows.

January is a great time to introduce your body to Yarrow Essential Oil.  This beautiful blue essential oil bestows upon us both floral and herbaceous fragrances.  It is wonderful for healing the heart as well as the body. Yarrows’ incredible properties make almost any blend for your myBase Probiotic Deodorant and myBase Organic Body Wash absolutely amazing.  Yarrow’s aroma is medium to strong so just a few drops will go a long way.

Emotionally, Yarrow can help steer us into the cavern of “what do I really want?”  It is a perfect ally to support our liberation from self-judgment and fear as we process the past and make plans for the future.  Yarrow is a wonderful anchor to connect us with our true selves. It is the oil of introspection. As you use Yarrow for emotional reasons, allow it to settle in on you.  Use it to help you reflect on who you are, what you want to be and where you are headed.

Physically, Yarrow heals mortal wounds.  Once called, “herba militaris” for its role in wound healing during the war, this tall perennial herb is known for dismissing inflamed digestive issues; helping alleviate mastitis (antiseptic); reducing the pain and redness of acne and diaper rash; and has been used through the centuries to calm and sedate the nerves.  



Are you ready to try something new in your Probiotic Deodorant?  Would you like to offer your body daily support for a calmer lifestyle?  Add this blend to your deodorant. You’re sure to have a better day.

2 drops Yarrow

2 drops Bergamot

1 drop Black Pepper




Introducing a helpful tip for diaper rash. Could your baby use a bit of soothing? Apply the Solid Carrier Oil Stick to the rash and top it with this blend.  The antiseptic and analgesic properties will help soothe your child and the other properties will help the skin heal.  Yarrow and Lavender work well together aromatically as well as therapeutically.

2 drops Yarrow

4 drops Lavender



Do you know someone who could use some self-introspection?  Do you know someone who needs a little calming down? Try putting this Yarrow blend in their myBase Body Wash or in your diffuser and see what difference it could make.

2 Yarrow

2 Chamomile

3 Lavender

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