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This past weekend marked the half-way point between winter solstice and the spring equinox and with all of these halfway days dwindling, we have got growth on the brain. 

Personal growth. Emotional growth. Professional growth.

We’ve been thinking, and… can you keep a secret?

It’s time for a new product.

But WHAT should it be? Our team here at myBase have been noodling on this for quite some time, and you know what? We realized we shouldn’t be the ones to ask.


Whether you’re a long-time myBase user or a curious first-time browser, we would love to hear what kinds of products you’re looking for.

Solid deodorant? Bath bombs? Dog ear-ache remedy?

We want to hear all your ideas! Just comment on this blog below.

Our goal at myBase is to do everything we can to make your personal wellness journey as smooth and simple as we can by giving you natural self-care products that you can trust.

If you’ve got a natural product you’ve been wishing for, right here is our little version of your wishing well.

Thanks for being part of our collaborative of simple-seekers; we cannot wait to hear your ideas!


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