Mother's Day Means...

Mother's Day Means...

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One of the things I love the most about our world is the incredible amount of diversity that we exist in. Even our families (especially our families) come in so many different shapes and sizes- but one fact remains true. We all have mothers. Whether they're biological, spiritual, your best friend, or simply the teacher who got you through fourth grade (thank you, Mrs. Wilkenson!), mother figures surround each of us. And those people... they're pretty amazing.

So amazing, in fact, that we've decided as a society to create a holiday just for them. To celebrate motherhood in the awe-striking feat and privilege that it is to see and experience. We here at myBase are proud to be part of that motherhood band, and we want all those incredible mothers out there to feel loved and reminded of the infinite worth they bring to this world.

Take a look below at the recipes that we've crafted for this Mother's Day to create nourishing, simple-to-use, pampering products for the mamas we love. We featured a video of us making these products together with the myBase community as well! You can watch it HERE.









These DIY products are perfect for a Sunday afternoon activity with your amazing moms- if you try it out let us know! Let's make some lasting memories and relax with the incredible women that surround us.

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