Perks for Peppermint Oil Usage

Perks for Peppermint Oil Usage

Happy Wednesday, health nuts! 

We hope everyone is having a good week so far; and if you're not, remember it's hump day! After today, your week is nearing the end! The essential oil that we are focusing on this month is Peppermint! Here's just a few perks and tricks you can use with peppermint oil:

- Headaches: Probably the most popular and well-known use for peppermint oil is for headaches! Speaking for someone who suffers from post-concussive syndrome, peppermint is magic for my headaches and migraines! Although there is a bit of sting that comes with peppermint that can make your eyes water, our solid carrier oil stick helps eliminate the oil and diffuses into the air and just sucks it into your skin. Resulting in pain relief with no watery eyes! 

-Sore Muscles: After a long day at work, I come home and just feel aches and knots all through my shoulders. One of my favorite things to do is right after taking a hot shower, massaging peppermint oil into all my sore muscles. Remember to drink a lot of water with this one to help you flush out all the toxins you just rubbed out! 

-Boosts Energy: Especially on a day like Wednesday, a little boost of energy is exactly what you need. I seem to always hit my wall around 2pm and a wave of exhaustion hits me. I glide over my wrists and the back of my neck with some carrier oil and peppermint oil and my mind feel alert and body feels energized. 

-Refreshens Breath: Ever in need of a quick fix for some bad breath? One drop will help you disguise that morning breath or that beef burrito you just ate ;) What a life saver. 

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