The Case of Stolen Secrets: Episode X

Lex could hear Link barking as Danny pulled into her driveway.  Fresh snow had begun to fall and lightly cover the walkway.

“Thanks for the ride,” she said, and unbuckled her seatbelt, slipped from the car and closed the door behind her.

She was almost to her door when Danny called out, “Lex.” She turned and watched him run through the falling snow to stand in front of her.  Danny took her hand and placed the baggie with her oil scented tissues into her palm and then closed her fingers around the bag. “You forgot these.”

At the first touch of his hand against her’s, Lex gasped and stared into his eyes.  A shiver traveled from where he touched her, and through the rest of her body.  Danny’s fingers tightened around her’s, pulling her close, then his hand slid up her arm and his long fingers cupped the back of her neck.  He gently toyed with the hair slipping from her pony tail.  Lex’s tongue slipped out and ran across her lips and she leaned in, bringing his lips a breath away from hers when she remembered who he was and she pulled back.  

His eyes narrowed in question, and then he nodded.  Danny rubbed his thumb against her cheek and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Lex.”  

She closed her door as Danny’s Dodge Charger roared down the street.

How could he still make her feel this way?   

The past two years she’d been able to, mostly, forget how she felt about Danny Wolfe.  He was her first love.  Her first kiss.  She’d forgiven him and said she didn’t want him as a friend, which was true, but having spent the day with him, made her realize she still wanted him.

Oh, there was something wrong with her.

Link barked hello with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth in a big grin.

“Hey, baby boy.” She scratched his ears and kissed the top of his head. “I hope you had a nice, lazy day.  Are you hungry?”


“Okay.  Let’s get you some yummy dinner,” she said, using baby talk that caused Link’s tail to go crazy, and he danced through the kitchen to sit by his food bowl by the sliding glass door.

After she fed Link and threw her clothes from the day in the trash--there was no way she was keeping them after wearing them inside Redman’s apartment--Lex filled the tub up till the heat steamed the room and she sank gratefully into the hot, soapy water.  

She sighed as soon as the heat hit her sore muscles, this is what she’d been waiting for all day.  It had been a while since Lex had had time to take a bath, and she missed it.  I wonder what Danny is doing right now.  Lex shook her head, she didn’t want to think about Danny Wolfe anymore today.  Her eyes closed and she forced her thoughts towards the case.

It was odd that Shanna would get mugged by a participant in a Vetiver study she’d been part of on the same day she happened to have a case of Vetiver oil with her.  Poor Harvey Redman.  He reminded Lex of a teenager she met on her first case as a rookie cop, Nate Jones.  He’d been the star quarterback at his high school, prom king, and everyone knew he was going to go places.  It’d torn the town apart when he’d been caught with illegal drugs.  Watching him come down from the drugs was just like watching Harvey in interrogation.  Nate had been twitchy, rambling, only focused on getting his next fix, and the detective on the case couldn’t get him to focus long enough on the questions to get the needed information.  

Very Harvey Redman.

Lex racked her brain, but she couldn’t recall what the drug was that Nate had been caught with.  In fact, now that she thought about it, she wasn’t sure it was actually illegal, but Nate had been misusing it and selling it to other students at the school.  What was that drug?

And what was with the blue bottle?

If Vetiver wasn’t an addictive oil, and Lex was positive Shanna would never use something that was addictive, then what was causing Redman to act as if he was on drugs?

Why was Dr Golden at Harvey’s apartment just after he’d mugged Shanna?

Her fuzzy, cold addled brain didn’t want to focus on the case and her mind swung back to Danny Wolfe.  Was he upset at her for not kissing him?  Maybe he was glad she’d pulled away.  Why did she want to kiss him anyway?  He was a jerk!  At least in the past he was, but he did seem different than he’d been two years ago.  She was different than she’d been back then, maybe he’d changed as well.  

It was cute to watch him interact with his daughter--he was a great dad.  Lex had always known he’d be a great dad.  The first Christmas break when they were sophomores, Geni, Todd, Danny, Lex, and Nichelle had gone to Geni’s parents’ house and Danny had played knights with Geni’s little brothers in the backyard--that was when Lex had acknowledged the fact that she was falling in love with Danny Wolfe.

The TARDIS is a weapon.  It will be destroyed.   The TARDIS is a weapon.  It will be destroyed.   The TARDIS is a weapon.  It will be destroyed.  

Lex groaned as her phone went off with a Dalek quote from the TV show, Doctor Who, letting her know Geni was calling.  The ringing stopped and then instantly started again.

Is there no peace for her today?

Slowly, Lex climbed from the warmth of the tub and pulled her Star Wars robe around her.  In her bedroom, she saw she had a few missed calls from Newman and Geni.

“Hey, Geni,” Lex said when Geni answered the phone. “What’s up?”

“Where have you been?  I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the past hour.”

“Bathing.  I was told that I wouldn’t be needed till the morning, so I’ve been relaxing.  What do you need?”

“Harvey Redman hung himself in the jail cell an hour ago.”


Written By Linsay Ernst
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