The Quick and Dirty Skin Care Routine

The Quick and Dirty Skin Care Routine

Everyone knows the benefits of taking care of your skin. But being consistent with the latest 12-step skin care routine you watched on YouTube can be overwhelming, especially in a time of change (so, um... all of us right now. Thank you COVID-19!)


If you're looking for an alternative to the 15 products and fancy rollers, check out this simple 3 step skin care routine to ensure that you're covering the most vital parts of your skin care. 5 minutes a day, and you can walk out the door or lay down at night knowing you've got your skin covered.


1. Cleanse

This step speaks for itself. After a long day you're skin can feel as tired as you do! It's spent the majority if it's day blocking toxins or dirt from entering your body, which means it's still sitting on the surface. Use a gentle, fragrance-free natural cleanser to wash away the excess makeup or dirt your skin accumulated throughout the day. Wash in the evening with warm water, and pat dry with a towel.


2. Moisturize

You just cleansed your skin, which means you'll want to replenish your skin barrier before it loses the healthy oils it's been accumulating. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing can be the MVP of your skin care routine as long as you opt for oil-free formulas. Otherwise, your skin barrier will continue to weaken and your body may compensate by creating MORE oils. When in doubt, add more moisture. It will work wonders!

TIP: On nights where you have the time, moisturizing the rest of your skin won't hurt either!


3. Protect

You've given your skin some fresh air and good hydration, now ensure that you're taking a small step to prevent any further skin damage from happening. This step is our primary skin care in the morning. Sun overexposure is the most prevalent skin damage that leads to aging skin. Using a facial sunscreen to keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays and sun damage is the most powerful way to keep your face glowing for years to come! Don't forget to get your neck and ears too - they feel the sun, too!


That's it! Cleanse, Moisturize, Protect. This simple three step process will keep your skin going and give you peace of mind that you've given yourself some much needed self-care. 

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