What Makes Our Oil Carrier Stick Different?

What Makes Our Oil Carrier Stick Different?

Did you know that up to 80% of the oil you rub on your skin dissipates into the air? That means that only 25% actually gets into your body! What a waste of oil and money! That's what makes carrier oil so important when dealing with the usage of all kinds of oils. 

Our carrier oil is the best of the best. Why? Because of these facts:

     - We made the only SOLID oil carrier out there. Solid oil carriers keeps away the mess that oils can cause. They're easy to use, keeping it convenient to use on all parts of your body as well as your kids' bodies too! All it takes is pour some oil on your skin and then glide it over with our carrier stick; it's that easy!

      - Our carrier oils stick isn't just one oil, but a blend of four: Coconut oil, Shay butter, Apricot kernel oil, and Coco butter. 

      - You Decide! MyBase are customized products, which mean that they can help you however you need them too! You add whichever oils you want and let myBase Solid Carrier Oil do the rest! 

     - They stay the same whatever temperature they are placed in!

     - They work as perfect moisturizers alone as well! In fact, we have some costumers that love using myBase as a moisturizer alone! 


Don't miss out on the chance to change the way you use your natural healing methods for the better!



Keep it Simple. Keep it Yours.


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