Why Use Oils?

Most of my life I have been afraid of putting oils on my skin

     Wanted to be "clean"

     Clogged pores

     Afraid of Break outs!  Yuk!


Started using sugar scrubs - oiled up body

                       sesame seed scrub on face

                       coconut oil as make up remover


Got more educated

      Oils can balance the sebaceous glands (they produce oil for skin)

                    soften skin

                    started using shea butter - got rid of excema, cracked heels

                    loosen blackheads

                    great for extremely dry AND oily skin AND mixture!


Food-grade Organic oils won't break you out

Synthetically processed oils will


Different oils have different reactions for the body.

A whole new world opened up to me

         serums are made of oils

         helps heal rashes, acne, rebuilds collagen (anti-aging)

         Your skin soaks up and uses oil!   Eats it up


         Of course  Carrier Oils are mandatory for Essential Oils


Internal use of oils is impt too!

It is impt to eat a ton of fats (oils) --  especially when confronted with cancer, diabetes, neurological issues,….

         helps to quickly eliminate insulin resistance, curb hunger, lose weight, etc

         softens skin

         increases energy

         lengthens energy available - burns slow

         boosts immune system

         lowers BP and cholesterol

         Enhances metabolism

         Protects brain health - when nutrition, neurotransmitters is stored

         Necessary for healing pain

         restores bone/joint health

         Decreases risk of serious heart disease

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