Be Clean

MyBase strives to make the best essential oil accessories.  We make all of our products with only the highest quality of organic ingredients to be sure each product is pure.  Each ingredient is all natural and has been used for centuries for its unique benefits.  GMO, gluten and nut free, and completely committed to transparent labels so you know exactly what you’re using.


Be Healthy

Renew your skin with our products crafted to nourish and moisturize your skin cells without stripping the mantle or absorbing any harsh chemicals.  Doctor approved ingredients ensure that each product will promote your health naturally.


Be You

We know each of our customers are unique, so we created each product with the ability to truly become yours.  Create your own personal spa with customizable products that really work.  Customize for each family member each moment.  Find your healthy, glowing you.


Be Safe

Perfect for protecting your body from harsh chemicals, each of our products are safe for sensitive skin or babies.  Each ingredient is a 1 on the toxicity scale (, giving you the comfort of worry-free formulas that won’t hurt you, your loved ones or the environment.


Be Essential

MyBase makes bases made for the use of essential oils.  They are odorless, oil based products that allow you to create your own blends, scents, or health treatments at whatever strength you prefer.  Each product is formulated to bond with your essential oil, making it 97% effective as opposed to other bases or carriers.    


Be Simple

Simple health is our focus.  MyBase strives to help you establish easy, hassle-free habits that encourage you to be healthier every single day.  Transform your health-care regimen by using MyBase:  Keeping essential oils the way they should be:  Simple.