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"I frequently use essential oils for massage and this carrier stick makes it so much easier! Just one swipe on the skin holds the drops of oil in place until I can rub it in. I always use a carrier oil to bring down the flash rate of the essential oil so they are able to soak in more and this product is my go-to must-have. Love! Love! Love!"



"I love this product. Because it's a solid there is NO messy, greasiness when applying. It's easy enough for my 4 and 6 year old kids to use. I also LOVE the texture and feel of it. The combination of oils they use is awesome. I'm glad there is finally a SOLID carrier oil to use with my essential oils, and a great one at that. Love it!!!"



"I love the deodorant base! I am very active and do lots of hot yoga, and I don't smell!"



“You just want to be in charge of your own smeller!” my husband said to me recently.  He’s right!  I want to smell the oils I like.  I want my body to smell the way “I” want it to smell.  That’s why I jumped at trying out the new probiotic deodorant base that My Oil Business is carrying.  I noticed it had a 5 star rating and thought I’d give it a try.  Guess what, I LOVE IT!"


"I have first and second degree burns all over the left side of my body, and myBase is the only thing I've tried that doesn't hurt."


"Best essential oil accessories online.  I love knowing I can use my essential oils everyday without the hassle.  So simple!"