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Shiz Natural Deodorant

Shiz Natural Deodorant

It's a Miracle. 

- Same Formula as myBase

- Same Natural Deodorant you can trust

- A Name You'll Remember!

Face it, most natural deodorants make people smell like 💩💩💩

On the other hand, you can buy chemical based deodorants that are filled with a bunch of junk that fundamentally threaten your overall health. 

Now a miracle has happened. 

A natural, probiotic deodorant that is both EFFECTIVE & HEALTHY. 

We call it.... Shiz. 

Yes, Shiz Natural Deodorant. 

It's a Miracle. 

Natural Deodorant You Can Trust! Not filled with sh**.... Won't make you smell like sh**. 

Wouldn't be caught dead with a jar of Shiz on your bathroom counter? No problem, just snag some myBase Probiotic Deodorant here

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